Our Story

Sherpa Pashmina Art

Sherpa pashmina art  was founded by late Mr. Lakpa Sherpa 45 years ago  with a determination to revive the heritage of Pashmina craft with the ancient zeal. Established in 1976, we have steadily grown into a fully-fledged fashion label with our own distinctive viewpoint – highly individual, subtle, immensely wearable and mainly handmade.
Our hard work and dedication for strict quality control has made us possible to expand the company to a team of 150 persons covering a Head office and factory and supplying products to Europe, Asia, the United States of America and Australia.
During the initial phase, there were many obstacles that lay before us, like a hurdle in finding suitable means to transport the raw materials to our factories. But in the year 1995, we started importing yarn from the international market including China, Inner Mongolia and Tibet which are used for further processing like knitting and weaving. The early products of our company were Yarn string rolls and Cashmere shawls only. But in 2002, we expanded our products into other knitwear and sweaters as well. 
Our manufacturing process is unlike any other, with a big focus on organic production, quality and environment. We have a close relationship with our goat herders in Nepal ensuring our cashmere is sourced responsibly and we support every step of this process from goat to cashmere.  The master craftsmen of Sherpa Pashmina Industry with the magic of age-old motif, weaves and dyeing techniques bring you the best products.
An encouraging demand from our well wishers inspired us to come this far and hope the same support will go further. Cashmere From Nepal, the retail store and a child company of Sherpa pashmina  art is here to make a MARK

Our Work Culture

We have people from different caste and religions working with us. Some of them are Christian some are Hindus some are Muslim and more. We encourage them to respect each other’s culture and to live in harmony. To make our employees feel homely at work, we also have a tradition of celebrating different festivals of our staff belonging to different religions among each other. We consider our employees as an asset for our organization rather than an expense that we have to pay for. Hence, we also help employees who cannot afford to send their kids to school economically. Similarly, to make work more fun for them we also organize different extra-curricular activities from time to time. Furthermore, to encourage and promote creativity we also have a system of rewarding the good works of our employees. We award one of our employees as the best employee of the month based on his/her work throughout the month. We also declare Best employee of the year.