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Why cashmere is so expensive?

Cashmere are the softest and nimblest wearing that feels warm and looks miraculous. It presents so delightful vibrant that you will be lost in its sensation of warmth. Cashmere are extracted from specific genetics of goat with compassionate hairs and tender like touch. It is usually expensive than other materials because of the way they are produced. A manufacturer needs four cashmere goats to produce and design a single cashmere sweater. There are soft fibers underlying beneath the long hairs of cashmere goats which are less in quantity. Pam Haendle (Cashmere goat farmer) explains “A single goat doesn’t produce much fibers and they are only harvested once a year. Initially, you consume six to eight ounces of raw fibers which are likely to be reduced as half during the inauguration of cashmere production.” Beside the production, there are limited quantity of cashmere fibers which factorize them to be more expensive.